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Does the wind in the dark sound like music to you?
Novel Thoughts 
13th-Aug-2013 09:18 am - 12
for plans coming together, for meteor showers
10th-Aug-2013 03:47 am - 9
Biking in the rain, biking in the dark, blinky lights, art shows, messaging dogs (not a euphemism, but a greyhound), new games I can play, interesting conversations and recommendations, kisses.
8th-Aug-2013 06:30 pm - 8
for living in a place crowded/progressive enough to have a bike-sharing program
for http://www.reddit.com/r/redditgetsdrawn
for my leg muscles. rawr!
8th-Aug-2013 12:33 am - wedneseven
for learning new things from fascinating people.
for learning about bikes and tools from new friends
5th-Aug-2013 02:02 pm - weekend grat
3rd: grateful for the sun, and for sunscreen.
4th: for patience (mine), exciting weather
5th: showers, electricity, my cat
2nd-Aug-2013 10:08 am - gratitude
Today I am grateful for coffee and 90's cartoons. Before I stayed up too late packing for Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, my roommate and I chilled out and watched the first three episodes of Gargoyles.

Also, Elisa has the same color scheme as Misato.

Off to Falcon Ridge!
25th-Jun-2013 03:02 pm - daily
Picked green beans and snow peas from the garden this morning after returning from my voting excursion.
2nd-Jun-2013 02:01 pm - weekend!
Friday: went to Imagine Figment, had tasty dinner with awesome roommate merinslips at Watch City Brewery. A bit overwhelmed by people and music, but good to be there. Ran into and made plans with wispfox et al!

Saturday: weeded, talked about useful things with housemate redheadedmuse, went grocery shopping with S and got an awesome yard umbrella for the back yard (hope green is okay; red was also tempting), worked on learning guitar with roommate. Fell over for 5 hours, thus missing several social occasions.

Sunday: However, when I woke up at 12:30am, the weather was much nicer and at least one of said social occasions was still going on. Returned various things to underwatercolor, snuggled and chatted with other lovely people, consumed delicious shortbread made by a party guest. Did more driving in the wonderful cool air, returned S's air conditioner. Went for a run, trimmed various yard things. Met a fabulous fuzzy jumping spider on the gangly rosebush, but alas didn't have a camera on me.
More sleep! Artparty in Arlington, maybe helping move a hot tub, housewarming, date to end the weekend. om nom nom.
Tree lopping or Game of Thrones, in the mean time...
14th-May-2013 05:27 pm(no subject)
Today I am grateful for the smiles and encouragement I get when doing work in which I interact with people. For sweet bell peppers. For the privilege of being able to create my own schedule and plans.
25th-Apr-2013 05:54 pm - no cookie
No real-person fic. (h/t to lyonesse

It's kind of hard to get started on this. Also harder if you keep having text conversations with said entity.
Also weird to be fairly sure you could accurately say that your life will be less full of sadness if you simply never saw them again. There was a whole world in there, and as long as I think I can go back, I'll want to.

ok. off to buy helium. and maybe running shoes.
Hi all,

If you know a child in Somerville, please also know that they can display their art in Somerville Open Studios this year!

You've got a couple more days to drop off art, or arrange to have it picked up from home. We would really love to have more submissions!

The Kids' Show will be displaying art for two whole weeks, including Somerville Open Studios weekend, at the Arts at the Armory Cafe
More inside the cut!
Details!Collapse )
Please pass this on to other children or parents who might be interested in submitting art for this event.
Thanks for your time!
9th-Apr-2013 05:17 pm - man / human conditions
There are times when community is a lovely, loving thing and I feel like we can take on the world and make a difference, and there are times when I'm sick of it all and hate that we're swarming over this poor planet and ruining everything we touch and not collectively conscious or caring or willing enough to stop ourselves. Messages of kindness and compassion are misguided?

It's just anger. Of course if there's any hope of redeeming ourselves we have to be more aware of what we are and what we do, and the way to do that is educate and feed and heal the people, and if enough of us have enough spoons maybe we can develop policies and belief systems that encourage us to use our resources in ways that don't destroy that which is holy and unsullied by our presence, and that can restore some kind of balance. If that were our goal and our mission and our calling, and if there were enough of us working together, maybe we could do it.

But most of us are too selfish to be reliably tasked with this work. We take our showers, drive to work, buy and consume our processed foods that have taken up resources and space and time and land and oil to make it to our mouths, produce inconceivable mountains of trash and waste and choking fumes and push it all into the river or under the rug or burn it so we can't detect it anymore (remember when the solution to pollution was dilution? Was that really a thing?) and as a result kill off all the fine things we love in our hedonistic love of production and consumption.

And so we teach our children, while knowing these legacies will be worse when they are our age. And we say love is the answer, but I think we're all fooling ourselves and doing everything and anything to ignore the problem. We procrastinate, we get angry about other things, we celebrate life and progress and new discoveries, we make ourselves anew, we pass on. The earth stinks and the seas rise and the ice melts and the breezes flail or fail or freeze or fall flaming. We worship each other and ourselves and tell one another that it is enough, that we can be whole and complete and accepting of who we are and what we are. The tragic spectacle of looking at our entirety isn't pleasant, so we turn our eyes and hearts to other things. What can I do? Nothing. May as well enjoy what I have left. Reassure me; it is enough. It must be; there is no other option. Lie to me; it's better this way. Better to live well and fully than to spend our days trying to undo the sins of billions, better to submit to simple pleasures and the welcoming arms of love than to submit to despair and anger and heartbreak again and again and again.

Rocks fall and we are alone in a cold universe and even if we survive, we should not be proud of ourselves.

( I love you people, but I despair when I look at larger self-portraits.  *waves* Sorry. )
7th-Apr-2013 05:22 pm - oh.
Got to hang out with a baby today! I miss that. :)
Sarah McLachlan Read more...Collapse )

I mostly just have that stuck in my head, but wanted to look at it again re: words/meaning, and it's interesting.
27th-Feb-2013 08:59 am - weather!
I hear it's useful to live in New England when trying to make small talk.

Today feels like a "sit inside next to the windows with books and friends and cats and snuggles and warm drinks" kind of day.
14th-Feb-2013 11:20 am - LJ
also, I'm sad that they changed the format of the "Post an Entry" page. I miss my personalized one. I'm worried that they'll eventually clear out my custom style as well. :(
14th-Feb-2013 11:19 am - wotd
insouciant: free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant.
12th-Feb-2013 09:34 am - wotd
Catenary: the overhead lines used for electrically powered buses.

There are other terms for it, but that's the cool one.

It's actually the support wire for the contact wire, and is so named because it follows a catenary curve, which is the shape assumed by [rope/wire/chain-like object] under its own weight when it is strung between two points.

Also, did you know that Korea is using buses that are charged by electromagnetic induction? Tesla patented a similar design in 1892.
4th-Feb-2013 09:38 am - wotd
mellifluous: Sweet or musical; pleasant to hear.
2nd-Feb-2013 12:55 am - a confession
I am pleased with myself when I take a route that allows me to take advantage of the rare "left on red after stop" intersection. There was at least one in Troy NY. Are there any others around here besides the one at Cutter and Summer?
10th-Jan-2013 03:18 pm - yes please
Yesterday I took time.

We talked about how our spaces are a reflection of what we want in our lives, and how easy/quick it is to set up space for painting or music-making or tending houseplants. I planted my avocado and my new jade plant bits and the 6 seedlings I have of Acmella oleracea (the baggie is labeled Spilanthes acmella) aka Szechuan buttons. I have no idea if I'll be able to nurture them to full planthood, but I have hopes.

I should really put up some wall shelving around here. And get an easel.
31st-Dec-2012 04:48 pm - 1:00am dumplings
I believe that outfitting our party in cloaks and capes and tromping out to Wang's at 12:30am to buy ourselves frozen dumplings to cook at home was one of the more fun/ridiculous things I've done this year.
17th-Dec-2012 04:36 pm - wotd
a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. It often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing will never return. It's related to the feelings of longing, yearning. A stronger form of saudade may be felt towards people and things whose whereabouts are unknown, such as a lost lover, or a family member who has gone missing.
29th-Nov-2012 09:06 am - brr!
Ice! On the sidewalk, on the river, frosting over the cars...

I've finally figured out a halfway decent solution to the issue of having a constantly running nose on these rides. :)
Wow... LJ has a "share this post" feature that integrates with other networks...
Originally posted by ursulav at The Glass Mountain And The Sensible Child

…and then one day she realized that her life was not wonderful. That she was miserable. That people were being cruel to her, and when she said something, she was told to be grateful that she had friends that cared about her enough to treat her so cruelly for her own good.

It probably won’t surprise you, my dear, to learn that she got angry.

Yes, indeed, she did. And the person that she got angry with was herself—


But this happens a great deal, you know.

Ah. You are a sensible child, I see.  Well, perhaps she was not so sensible. And it is not so unreasonable, you know. If you get angry at other people, there is often a great deal of yelling and fighting. Our heroine hated yelling, and she cried when she was angry.

(Though I do hear that goes away with menopause—


Oh. Ask your mother. I am sure that she will be happy to explain it to such a sensible child.)

At any rate, it is a great deal easier to be angry with yourself. There is less yelling. And you do not have any of the excuses that you can invent for other people—that maybe they didn’t know, or had bad childhoods, or were badly frightened by spiders when they were small.

I am afraid you will simply have to trust me on this one.

Well. I could tell you a great many stories that fit inside this one, but it would take a long time. There are stories we tell ourselves, you know, about how lucky we are and how much worse off other people are. There are people dying right now in camps strung with barbed wire, and how can anyone feel sorry for themselves by comparison? At least you’re not dead and everything mostly works and nobody makes you eat maggots on toast.

Yes, it is a great deal like eating your vegetables because children are starving somewhere. Other people’s misery is supposed to be some kind of garnish to improve the taste, I suppose. I was never entirely clear on how that worked.

Seems a bit ghoulish, doesn’t it?


There were days when our heroine stood on street corners and thought “Someday, I will leave,” and felt nothing at all. And there were days when she curled into a ball on the couch and ached, and there were days she went along with everything because she was so afraid that this was the best it could be and no one else would ever want her again.

Am I talking about her job or her husband?

Well, yes.

When you love something, it has its fingers wrapped around your heart, whatever it may be. You’ll learn that soon, if you haven’t already.

I am afraid that being sensible will not help you much with that.

At any rate. Eventually things move on. All the brave knights ride at the glass mountain until they get to the top or get tired of sliding down the sides and go home to their mothers or lovers or cats.

I would like to tell you that the heroine got fed up and got angry with people who deserved it. It’s a better story that way, certainly. Would you like her to have a silver sword and cut the heads off her enemies?

I would, too. Let’s pretend that’s what happened.

But you cannot cut your own head off with a silver sword—no, you can’t. I see you trying to work out the mechanics. Trust me on this one—oh, fine. But it requires pulleys, all right?

At any rate, you are still left alone, at the end, with the person that you are in the habit of being mad at.

I know, I know.

Perhaps it will please you to know that in time, she got tired of sliding down that glass mountain, too. She stopped thinking of all the times when she should have stood up and said “Enough! No more!” and walked away—from her job, from her lover, from people who claimed to be friends—and getting angry at herself for not standing up.

And she stopped thinking “At least it’s not maggots on toast.”

Instead she thought “That was horrible, and that poor girl didn’t deserve it. Even if it was me.”

And a long time later, when she could hardly see the glass mountain in the distance any more, she thought “Goodness, if I lived through all that, I must be very stubborn and tough as nails to boot.”

And she stopped worrying about all the times she curled up on the couch and cried and started thinking about all the times she got up afterwards and splashed water on her face and went on, because work still had to do be done and art still had to be made and somebody always has to feed the cat and count out the till and turn off the lights at the end of the day.

She thought “At least I always got up again.” And she began to think rather tenderly of her younger self, as someone who was not terribly bright, perhaps, but who kept getting up again, and who had eventually turned her back on glass mountains.

Her silver sword? Well, she hung it up over the doorway. If you’ve got a silver sword, after all, it’s no good if you don’t know where it is so that you can get to it.

She met quite a few people who knew about glass mountains, too. She loved some of them very much, and she was mostly patient with the ones who kept throwing themselves at the sides of their own glass mountains, although not that patient, because some memories still made her tired.

An end? Well, I don’t know the end yet. She hasn’t died, you know. And hardly anyone lives happily ever after, unless they have one of those wires in their brains—on second thought, let’s not talk about that.



I could make one up, I suppose. We don’t really have a convenient villain to dance in red-hot iron boots….

No. We are not taking nominations.

Let’s have pie. I think pie would be a good end to this story, don’t you?

See, I knew you were a sensible child.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

27th-Nov-2012 04:20 pm - art!
A week or so ago I was introduced to the Beethoven Frieze by Klimt. And now I'm forgetting the context, but it was beautiful.

Reminders of Rackham and Vess and some others (I should really make a list of these people) and the phrase "it was her wrists", describing the attraction.

Also I finished Cloud Atlas the other day and it was good, and last night I saw the movie and that was good too. I can't say one is better. They're both beautiful. The book has more context and detail and you get to know the characters better, but the movie brings it alive and makes some of the themes/messages more clear.
24th-Nov-2012 11:30 pm - back in town
I've basically been out of town for a week and am slowly wading through email, and have hopefully kept up with event invites. If there's anything I should know that you think I missed, feel free to send me pointers.
24th-Nov-2012 11:29 pm - The sparrow
I just finished Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow, and the name comes from the same text that every reference to sparrows falling comes from these days. I am really not sure what to think, and I will probably go on to read the second book of the set, Children of God.

I enjoyed the synchronicity of starting this book while I was in Puerto Rico, since many of the scenes in this book take place in Old San Juan, which I visited days beforehand.
22nd-Oct-2012 09:09 am - wotd
Chiral / Chirality: Asymmetric in such a way that the structure and its mirror image are not superimposable. Easy examples are hands and shoes.
8th-Oct-2012 10:38 pm - wotd
The word thrill has more meanings than you might think to use in a regular day-to-day basis.
8th-Oct-2012 10:20 pm - Be.
In every day there is an hour
and in that hour is a minute
and in that minute there is a moment
I am here now.
21st-Sep-2012 10:00 am(no subject)
It's difficult to figure out when to bring gratitude thoughts into form - Today I am grateful for the things I experienced yesterday, and how can I tell you what I'm grateful for today when the day has barely begun?

Yesterday I was grateful for my ability to accomplish small but useful things, and for the part of my mind that has some hold on what I can do to make things better when I'm feeling down.
20th-Sep-2012 02:04 pm - gratitude
Yesterday I was grateful for quiet, comfortable time with friends, and for the perspective that results from speaking my mind to others.
16th-Sep-2012 11:44 pm - weekend
This weekend had some fantastic people and moments and I'm grateful for it and everyone who made it happen. It felt so good to do all that smiling.
4th-Sep-2012 04:45 pm - Hugo
Ursula Vernon won a Hugo. I am rather happy about this.
30th-Aug-2012 07:56 am - wotd
Skeuomorph: a derivative object that retains ornamental design cues to a structure that was necessary in the original.

path from Slashdot article.
25th-Aug-2012 01:51 pm - playing with textures and light

Originally uploaded by Minerva42.

art by LED flashlight

31st-Jul-2012 09:31 pm - coasters, curtains, silverware
Hello, domestic!
The silverware is probably going to be Robert Welch's Ammonite collection, which some friends already have. I thought Thirstystone coasters were neat, but they're mostly just printed on, so I am of a divided mind.

recs for curtains and coasters? Artists, stores, materials?
31st-Jul-2012 01:03 pm - not my injury, but...
Looking for an aircast/ankle brace! :( Can you help?
31st-Jul-2012 09:20 am - WOTD
Diurnality is a plant or animal behavior characterized by activity during the day and sleeping at night.
Crepuscular animals are those that are active primarily during twilight, that is during dawn and dusk.
27th-Jul-2012 01:09 pm - garden
There appears to be a catalpa growing in our back yard. A few weeks ago I mistook if for a sunflower, but I've since actually been out there and realized it was made of wood and had multiple branches. I wonder how hard they are to kill. Or, do you want it? There's definitely not space for it where it is currently.
10th-Jul-2012 09:08 pm - accomplishments and plans
This evening, kind of fixed my rear brake, except I need a new cable for it to do any good whatsoever. Oiled my chain, except actually Rio did that. Talked to her about college and money and peak oil. Inflated my tires to something much more reasonable.

Family yard work! Cutting grass and trimming bushes and pulling up swallow wort.

I'm hoping to go to the opening of Self: Illuminated at The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation at 7pm on July 15th. Would you like to come with me? It will be awesome! I realize it conflicts with at least one other thing, though.

Beats Antique will be at Northampton's Calvin Theater on September 22nd, and that looks like the closest they're getting to Boston. Anyone up for sushi, hot tubbing, and a concert?
3rd-Jul-2012 12:53 pm(no subject)
Anyone have a pop-up shade structure / E-Z Up they're not using for the next week? Compensation includes cash or kisses.
3rd-Jul-2012 12:09 pm - novelette
Just a link to Charles Stross' A Colder War
29th-Jun-2012 12:17 pm - inflatable furniture?
Hi! Do you happen to have any inflatable furniture you'd be willing to loan to a bunch of dirty hippies for a week? We'll put it to good use and replace it if we break anything.
While talking to someone this past weekend I recalled the project Street with a view, in which several participants stage scenes while the Google Street View car rolls by.
25th-Jun-2012 11:33 pm - link dump
Metrorock on Groupon again!

I've been reading through these and enjoying them:

Save the Troy Library "Adventures In Reverse Psychology"

Things I Like...... [Katwise]

Badass of the day

The Untold Story of the World's Biggest Diamond Heist

Special effects video ad

talking points re: NAC
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