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So I migrated my content to Dreamwidth a while ago and have been posting from it since then. I have the same username in both places and you should totally "subscribe" and give me "access", if you like. I'm disabling comments on LJ for future entries. Curious if there's a way to freeze commenting on all past entries but also suspect it doesn't matter much.

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health, travel planning

The eustachian tube of my right ear is getting blocked up. crackle crackle. Decongestants and spicy things?

Tonight I'm taking the overnight train down to Maryland, then the MARC down to DC to march with several friends and coworkers. I've got a couple of external batteries charged and ready. I built a transparent backpack out of 2.5 gallon Hefty slide-lock bags and gorilla tape - we'll see what security thinks of it I guess? I have crackers and cheese and salami that I'm going to cut up to bring with me. I may bring a large notebook and some markers for making signs on the train, although my plan is mostly to sleep during the ride.

I am feeling a bit touch deprived. I want to snuggle with a dog and curl up with a favored human on a soft surface.

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Dreamed I was somewhere breezy and warm with lots of beds. It was getting dark so I was going around closing the windows, or mostly closing. There were hanging fabrics and people were off somewhere like on a porch or a beach. The light was warm.


I took off work Thursday through Monday and went to NECTR, the Northeast Connecticut Region Ember Art Festival. Jesse and Jon and Zev went early and set up lots of things, and Sam and I went on Thursday. I brought a few layers that I didn't use. The pants I brought were fantastic. I got them for winter bike riding last year but they work just fine to keep your legs warm in the woods when it's approximately freezing.

I had a lovely trip, but didn't make enough art or take enough photos. (re photos, pretty sure no one should ever take away my camera. a better solution would have been airplane mode. rawr.)

Walking and tripping around NECTR reminds me of all the previous similar experiences there. There was a point where I was being offered Tuaca, aka Liquid Sex, a citrus vanilla liqueur, and couldn't manage to take a drink. Someone would take it away from me when I couldn't stop laughing, and the process would repeat. I don't remember what I was experiencing, but it was amazing.

Dishes worked well. +1 for occasionally boiling water to add to the dishwater when it gets later and colder. We had enough shelving. I want to get a bunch more buckets for food on the shelves. Sending an email about produce was a good idea. You should explicitly tell people "look at the food shelves. If you brought it, take it home with you." next time.

This has been open in a tab for a few days so I guess I'll post it.

To done

Planted more things, went jogging, ate dinner, moved some art supplies from one box to another, pet the cat, watched most of season two of Legend of Korra.


Apparently I skipped 29. Too late now.

So! 31.
Tell me about the number 31.
Or about what you were doing/what your life was like when you were 31.
Or what you hope/believe/plan for when you will be 31.


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I suspect that it is a rare January 31st that will see me on a rocky 3 hour hike at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Counting blessings.
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Just a test

Did a bunch of chores this morning. This app's text editing is still kind of wonky. Though not as bad as on Android? Going to Brickbottom open studios and maybe the Importance of Being Earnest later today.